Downloadable Activities: Vinnie the Brave

Five Downloadable Activities Teaching Children Techniques to Face their Fears

Author: Jeff Tucker
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Reinforce the lessons Vinnie learns in the story Vinnie the Brave with these engaging downloadable activities, which will help students learn how to overcome their fears and tackle distorted thinking. Many elementary students struggle with a fear of speaking up and being judged by their peers, preventing them from getting the help they need from teachers and other adults. These activities will help children to successfully overcome their worries and empower them to succeed in the classroom.

Five Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 – Scared Silly – Students learn a technique to help them see their fears in a less threatening light.
  • Activity 2 – Fortune-Telling – Students explore the cognitive distortions of mind-reading and fortune-telling.
  • Activity 3 – My Best Traits – Students identify positive traits in their peers.
  • Activity 4 – Help Wanted – Students explore areas in their life where they could use some extra help.
  • Activity 5 – Fear Facts – Students learn to distinguish between helpful and unhelpful fears.

The storybook Vinnie the Brave is recommended for these activities.

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