Downloadable Activity: My Favorite Is (I Just Don't Like the Sound of NO!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skill of "Disagreeing the Right Way"

Julia Cook


This activity helps students practice the skill of disagreeing appropriately by respectfully debating their choices of favorite things. For the activity, a reproducible worksheet is provided so students can independently fill out their favorites of different items, objects and food. As a class, students will discuss and voice their opinions, putting to use the skill of disagreeing appropriately. This activity is from Julia Cook’s I Just Don’t Like the Sound of NO! Activity Guide, part of the BEST ME I Can Be! series.

This activity is recommended for grades 2-6.

When this activity is purchased, the following are provided as a PDF:

    • The Boys Town Social Skill poster of “Disagreeing the Right Way”
    • “My Favorites” worksheet

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Julia Cook
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