Downloadable Activity: Who's the Boss? (I Just Don't Like the Sound of NO!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching the Social Skill of "Disagreeing Appropriately"

Julia Cook


Have a short discussion with students about how parents, teachers, coaches, and other adults often make decisions for them. This activity is a single hand-out to be used as an in-class exercise in a small group, individually, or to take home as an assignment. From Julia Cook's, I Just Don't Like the Sound of NO! Activity Guide, part of the BEST ME I Can Be! series, the hand-out is made up of seven questions for students to answer based off a time they didn't agree with a decision made by someone else. 

This exercise is recommend for grades 3-6.

Materials needed:

    • "Who's the Boss?" activity sheet (provided as a PDF)

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Additional Information

Julia Cook
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