Downloadable Activity: Storm Sticks (Priscilla & the Perfect Storm)

Classroom Activity for Teaching the Social Skills of "Staying Calm" and "Dealing with Frustration"

Stephie McCumbee


Storm Sticks will provide students with a wide range of calming strategies while improving their tactile skills. Creating a list of exercises and activities to help students relax when they feel frustrated is a simple way to change their focus in the classroom. This activity is accompanied by Stephie McCumbee’s storybook Priscilla & the Perfect Storm. Extend the learning with Priscilla & the Perfect Storm Activity Guide with more to choose from!

This exercise is recommended for grades 3-5.

Materials needed:

    • “Storm Sticks Suggestions” (provided as a PDF)
    • Tape/Glue/Scissors
    • Jar/Mug/Pencil Holder
    • Mailing labels
    • Tongue depressors

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Additional Information

Stephie McCumbee
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