Everyone's Talking

Cindi Dodd, MED
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Revitalize class meetings or advisement periods with read-aloud short stories about teens with social dilemmas to solve. Each story has discussion questions to encourage teens to talk it out and offer problem-solving ideas for their fictional counterparts. Topics are varied and include relating with peers, interacting with adults and authority figures, using social media or recognizing bullying. Stories were created by a middle school counselor based on true scenarios. Each situation offers an applicable social skill from the Boys Town Education Model to learn and practice.

Teens will gain skills they need to make best decisions in future similar interactions. Educators will build positive relationships, engaging teens in topics they easily relate to while guiding their conversations. The activities are appropriate for use in the classroom, during homeroom advisement period, in detention programs or for universal (Tier 1) or targeted (Tier 2) positive behavior support interventions. Tips for conducting positive and respectful class meetings are included. A CD provides printable worksheets, discussion questions and social skills posters. 59 pgs., CD

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-63-1



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