Great Days Ahead

What to Do When Your Child's Diagnosis Is ADHD
Frank E. Bowers, Ph.D. & Tara R.S. Borsh, Psy.D.
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Discover how to address issues at school, at meals and bedtime, with siblings and peers, and out in public when you have a child with ADHD. Learn how to manage challenging behavior from the early years through adolescence to raise a future successful adult. When a child has been diagnosed with or shows the symptoms of ADHD, parents’ emotions can swing from sadness to frustration to anger on a daily, if not hourly, basis. The difficulties of parenting a hyperactive, disorganized, inattentive, forgetful, aggressive child may threaten to overwhelm them. When Dr. Frank E Bowers heard that same diagnosis for his own son years ago, he recognized that he himself had struggled with many of those symptoms throughout his childhood and adult life. He also decided that he needed to return to school to learn more about the disorder so that he could help not only his own son but other families with such children.

With a father’s insight and a clinician’s knowledge, Dr. Bowers examines the challenges a child with ADHD presents and offers parents workable, effective ways of handling the behavior problems. He reminds parents that, despite the diagnosis, children need to be held responsible for their actions and he suggests how to use positive discipline strategies to help them learn better behavior. The tools Dr. Bowers provides can empower parents to approach raising a child who has ADHD with renewed hope and confidence. 147 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-14-3