GRIT & Bear It Book and Activity Guide Bundle

Introduce students to the concept of grit through stunning illustrations and straight-forward statements. Use the activities to encourage and inspire perseverance in themselves.
Tamara Zentic, MS
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Use these two books hand-in-hand to help young people push past adversity and stay on the path to success. Executive function skills such as planning, perseverance, and risk-taking are promoted through the inspirational illustrations and straight-forward text in the GRIT & Bear It! book and the engaging activities in the teacher’s guide.

Teachers implementing the Boys Town Education Model® will find these tools a great way to embed the teaching of social skills in middle and high school academic lessons. Each of the 25 lessons ties an essential executive function skill such as self-control to a Boys Town social skill such as focusing on a task. The lessons from the Grit & Bear It! Activity Guide for grades 5 through 10 are active, hands-on and technology-based. Students practice positive behaviors while discovering just how hard they can work, often using smart phones and tablets during class or with flipped classroom assignments. 84 pgs.

"Tim Ryan, Congressman from the 13th District of Ohio says, 'Social and emotional competencies aren't 'soft skills.' They are fundamental and essential skills. They are the foundation for all the other skills. If we want a tolerant society... we need to teach the skills that create that society - the social and emotional.'" - The Missing Piece: A Report for CASEL (Civic Enterprises, 2016)

Published by Boys Town Press