ZEST: Live It! Book and Activity Guide Bundle

Introduce students to the concept of perseverance through illustrations and poetic statements. Use the activities to help them find value in the passion of living with zest!
Tamara Zentic, MS
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Build excitement and enthusiasm in disengaged middle and high school teens by introducing and teaching zest! Use these two books hand-in-hand to energize young people to live their lives filled with adventure, purpose and meaning. Illustrations inspire optimism and promote eagerness from the ZEST: Live It! book. 32 pgs.

Active, hands-on activities from the ZEST: Live It! Activity Guide provoke students to become more motivated and less apathetic. Each of the 23 lessons is structured for a class period, or can be extended for several sessions. Suggestions for flipped classroom assignments are given with detailed teacher-friendly instructions. Incorporating the use of technology in the lessons through various devices keeps students in grades 4 through 12 motivated and engaged. 97 pgs.

Teachers implementing the Boys Town Education Model® will find these resources a great way to embed the teaching of social skills while furthering executive function skills. Students will practice step-by-step social skills such as staying on task, expressing pride in accomplishments, or maintaining a conversation while strengthening social intelligence and embracing zest.

Published by Boys Town Press