I Can't Believe You SAID That! RJ Teacher Kit

Use this kit to teach the skill of using a social filter

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd
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If only classmates would stop to think before they speak, time at school could be much more harmonious!

The bundled teacher kit for grades K-6 offers the complete solution for teaching the skill of using a social filter. The storybook I Can’t Believe You Said That! illustrates several scenarios where RJ has spoken inappropriately and helps him learn to analyze a social situation and choose words more carefully.

The activity guide has 20 activities that allow students to visualize what a social filter is and to practice using it. For example, the activity Brewing up the Right Words uses the visual example of turning on a coffee maker and brewing of a pot of coffee to explain turning on one's social filter and filtering out words that are okay to say in most social situations.

Two posters remind students the steps to use for each new skill. The book, the activity guide and the set of two posters can each be purchased separately, but for the best value choose the kit and watch your students improve their social skills when interacting with each other. Format: 2 posters, 2 books. Published by Boys Town Press