Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree

Leona Lugan
Kyle Merriman
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  • Middle-School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree


Drama defines middle school, especially for Jilly. Not that she likes drama. She’d rather walk invisibly through the hallways than have any eyes turn toward her. But drama will always find Jilly. With Mom battling depression, and the family’s financial struggles, they move frequently. As the family bounces from town to town, Jilly changes schools… a lot! And there is nothing scarier than coming into a new school smack in the middle of the semester. With her country accent… clothes that are far from cool… an odd, funny-to-pronounce family name (that earns her a terrible nickname)… Jilly feels like an outcast. A misunderstood misfit. Can she find a way to fit in while still being true to herself? Independent readers and middle school students will relate to the challenges and joys that Jilly and her schoolmates experience in this timeless tale about facing your fears, making new friends (and frenemies), and avoiding, as much as possible, those humiliating middle school screw-ups. Discussion points and tips are included. 128 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN 978-1-944882-35-8

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