Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree Activity Guide

An Activity Guide that Will Reinforce the Skills Needed to Overcome the Drama that Defines Middle-School

Leona Lugan


This teacher activity guide, designed to accompany the Middle School Misfits: The Stained Glass Tree chapter book, includes more than 20 classroom activities for students in grades 4 through 8 on important topics addressed in the book.

Sections are divided into lessons, activities, and worksheets that touch on these themes:

    • A Healthy Self
    • Interacting with Others
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Decision-making
    • Just for Fun

Written by expert and former counselor Leona Lugan, these activities help students dive deeper into topics like self-advocacy, healthy friendships, conflict resolution, self-control, understanding consequences and many others! 56 pgs.

ISBN: 978-1-944882-47-1

Published by Boys Town Press

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Leona Lugan
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