Personal Space Camp

This story will help children learn the difference between space bubbles for strangers or new situations, versus space bubbles for family and close friends.

Author: Julia Cook
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Fun and thought-provoking book uses humor and illustrations to teach children about personal space as they follow Louis and the other members of Personal Space Camp on their journey of discovery. Personal space, outer space...what's the difference? In the case of Julia Cook's book, the difference is hilarious! The lovable character, Louis, believes he is the world's self-proclaimed space expert and goes about his day crashing into people (flying through outer space). When the school principal invites Louis to Personal Space Camp, he soon learns that personal space really isn't about outer space. This book is excellent in explaining to kids, who don't seem to understand, not everyone wants them "in their face".

This book helps define the difference between a comfort bubble, such as when you are around a stranger or in a new situation, versus a smaller comfort bubble when around family and close friends. Personal Space Camp is a good teaching tool to use in school and social settings and is recommended for grades K-4. A supplemental teacher’s guide with activities and discussion questions is available. 33 pgs.

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