Spacing Out!

Discovering the Importance of Completing Tasks
Stephie McCumbee
Lisa M. Griffin
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Hunter Lane is more interested in outer space than anyone Mrs. Julian has ever taught in her years as an educator. He loves to read about space, draw pictures about space, and daydream about being an astronaut soaring through the atmosphere! 

Unfortunately for Hunter, his daydreams about space are interfering with his ability to get his work done in class. After repeatedly failing to complete his assigned tasks, Mrs. Julian warns him...

"Hunter, spacing out may seem like fun, but missions fall when the work's not done!"

With help from his dad and Mrs. Julian, Hunter learns the steps to completing tasks. Will Hunter be able to use those steps in class and, hopefully, learn the value of completing even the simplest of "missions"?

Find out in the wonderful tale by author Stephie McCumbee, who penned the award-winning children's book The Garden in My Mind, and revel in the out-of-this world illustrations by Lisa M. Griffin. 

Extend the learning with the Activity Guide! Check out the bundle!

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-77-8