Positive Alternatives to Suspension

This is a blueprint for creating an in-school alternative to out-of-school suspension, keeping students engaged and connected to school.
Cathy DeSalvo, MS, Mike Meeks, MS, Matthew Buckman, PhD
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Discover an effective way to keep severely disruptive students engaged in the learning process! This book provides all the guidance you need to decrease the frequency, severity and duration of disruptive behaviors and avoid harsh and ineffective disciplinary practices. The authors provide a blueprint for creating an in-school alternative to out-of-school suspension, giving students the best opportunity to overcome their challenges and find success. They explain how to create structure, use motivation and teach social skills so students remain engaged and connected to school. Several behavioral situations that typically lead to suspension, including bullying, stealing, and fighting are highlighted and linked to specific social skills that address those behaviors.

Checklists for setting up an effective alternative suspension classroom, along with tools to improve your current in-school suspension practices, are included. Sample writing activities and worksheets for suspended students and an index of social skills with their behavioral can be downloaded. 199 pgs.

"More than half (57 percent) of teachers believe poor student behavior is at least somewhat of a problem. Majority of these teachers believe SEL is a solution. Of the teachers who list poor student behavior as at least somewhat of a problem, three in four (78 percent) say SEL is very important and 79 percent think it will improve student performance." - The Missing Piece: A Report of CASEL (Civic Enterprises, 2016)

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-99-0

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