The PROcrastinator

Join Noodle as he learns strategies to prioritize his time including making to-do lists, and choosing need-to-do's before want-to-do's.

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Anita DuFalla
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"My name is Norman David Edwards, but everybody calls me Noodle. Sometimes I get into trouble because I kinda, sorta, like to put things off. It's not that I don't plan on doing what needs to get done, I just like to choose when to do it."

Noodle has a problem – a procrastination problem. He’s constantly being told what to do. “Noodle do this. Noodle do that. Please do it RIGHT NOW. You must feed the cat.” But Noodle has SO MANY – and SO MUCH better – things to do, like hang out with friends, watch must-see TV and play video games. So it’s no surprise his cat goes hungry, the trash piles up and his poetry assignment remains unwritten. Noodle always chooses to do the things he wants to do while never getting around to doing the things he NEEDS to do.

Award-winning children’s author Julia Cook uses Noodle to creatively highlight a conundrum all children struggle with and offers simple strategies to help them learn how to balance doing what needs to be done while still finding time for fun. This is the fifth storybook in the Responsible Me! series which strengthens character development and helps kids use better social skills at school and at home. 32 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-09-9