What's in It for Me?

Julia Cook
Anita DuFalla
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  • What's in It for Me?


Every day Noodle hears all about what he needs to do and why he needs to do it. He hears it from his parents, teachers and coaches, and he’s sick of it! What’s the point of making his bed every morning? Does it really matter how he kicks the soccer ball? And who cares if he plays the piano too fast or writes too sloppily?

In these pages, Noodle discovers why changing all his “need tos” into “I did its” will actually make him happier and more prepared to do whatever he’s asked. Includes helpful tips and advice for parents and educators on how to help children become more self-motivated. This book is part of the Responsible Me! series of children's books. 32 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-30-3 

The Animated eBook is available for purchase!

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