Audio CD of all 7 BEST ME I Can Be! Storybooks

Julia Cook


Teaching (and learning!) social skills has never been more entertaining! This compilation CD features ALL SEVEN of Julia Cook’s RJ stories. Each story teaches two social skills used in the Boys Town Education Model. Ideal for elementary and special education teachers who want to introduce and reinforce the skills of listening, following directions, accepting no, disagreeing appropriately, making an apology, asking permission, working as a team, sharing, staying on task, asking for help, accepting feedback, and using your social filter. Stories read by the author include:

  • The WORST Day of My Life EVER!
  • I Just Don't Like the Sound of No!
  • SORRY, I Forgot to Ask!
  • TEAMWORK Isn't My Thing
  • I Don't Like to SHARE!
  • I Just Want to Do It MY WAY!
  • Thanks for the Feedback...(I THINK!)
  • I Can't Believe You SAID That!

Published by Boys Town Press

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Julia Cook
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