BEST ME I Can Be! School Library

Laugh Along with RJ as He is Introduced to 14 vital Social Skills from the Boys Town Education Model® - Reinforce the Lessons Taught with Corresponding Activity Guides and Posters

Author: Julia Cook
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General Ed and Special Ed teachers will find multiple ways to promote social emotional learning with the complete BEST ME I Can Be! library. Each library set includes one copy of the seven picture books, one copy of the seven activity guides, and one set of all 14 posters from the popular RJ stories. Components may be purchased separately, or choose the full library for the best value. Read aloud the humorous stories about RJ, the boy who needs to use better social skills in order to succeed in school. Follow up with any of the activities in the corresponding activity guide. Display the colorful posters in classrooms, hallways, the cafeteria, and other common areas to visually remind students the step-by-step instructions to use the skills every day.

The skills presented are:

    • Listening
    • Following Instructions
    • Accepting "No" for an Answer
    • Disagreeing the Right Way
    • Making an Apology
    • Asking Permission
    • Working as a Team
    • Sharing
    • Staying on Task
    • Asking for Help
    • Accepting Compliments
    • Accepting Criticism
    • Choosing Appropriate Words to Say
    • Analyzing Social Situations

The skills in this library set are part of the Boys Town Education Model® that has improved student behavior and classroom climates in hundreds of schools across the country. Many of the same techniques can also be found in the strategies that comprise Boys Town’s Common Sense Parenting® program. 

Published by Boys Town Press