I Just Don't Like the Sound of NO!

In this children's book, kids in grades K-6 learn how to accept NO for an answer and how to disagree appropriately without arguing or negotiating.

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Kelsey De Weerd
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Put an end to arguing or negotiating with youngsters by teaching them how to accept "No" for an answer. Instead of wheedling or pleading, teach them how to disagree appropriately. The steps for each skill are easy to remember with the simple rhymes presented in the story. 

"No" is RJ's least favorite word... and he tries his best to convince his dad, his mom, and his teacher to turn "No" into "Maybe" or "We'll see" or "Later" or "I'll think about it." Even though he doesn't have much success, RJ keeps arguing until his teacher suggests that he try to join her classroom's Say YES to NO Club. If RJ can learn how to accept "No" for an answer and to disagree appropriately with his teacher and parents, he can add his name to the club's Star Board. RJ finds that lots of praise and some rewards come his way when he uses these skills the right way!

Author Julia Cook helps K through 6 readers laugh and learn along with RJ as he understands the benefits of demonstrating these social skills both at home and in school. This storybook is the second in Julia Cook's BEST ME I Can Be! series which teaches students that socials skills can make home life happier and school more successful. The skills are part of the Boys Town Education Model® that has improved student behavior and classroom climates in hundreds of schools across the country. Many of the same techniques can also be found in the strategies that comprise Boys Town's Common Sense Parenting® program. Tips for parents and educators on how to teach children to accept "No" for an answer, respond appropriately to others, and how to disagree properly are included at the end of the picture book. 32 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-934490-25-9

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