Downloadable Activity: I Spy a Wonder! (ZEST: Live It!)

Tamara Zentic


Students will display zest by showing enthusiasm while finding various “wonders” in nature. They will practice keeping property in its place and utilize strategies to self-correct their behavior if needed. The activity accompanies the book ZEST: Live It! written by Tamara Zentic. Extend the learning with ZEST: Live It! Activity Guide with more to choose from!

This exercise is recommended for grades 3 – 8. 

Materials needed

  • Permanent markers or paints (or other drawing tool)
  • “I Spy a Wonder!” worksheet (provided as a PDF)
  • Pencil
  • Boys Town Social Skill poster, “Keeping Property in Its Place” (provided as a PDF)
  • Boys Town Social Skill poster, “Self-Correcting Own Behavior” (provided as a PDF)
  • Rocks (each student finds one outside)

An email address must be provided to obtain the activity.

Produced by Boys Town Press

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Additional Information

Tamara Zentic
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