Downloadable Activities: How Do I Remember All That?

Five Activities to Encourage Students to Use Their Working Memory

Author: Bryan Smith
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Working memory is an important executive function because it helps children (and adults!) recall information required to complete tasks or functions, such as notetaking, spelling, or the order of operations in math. Some children seem to excel in this area, and others have more challenges. These activities have been developed by Bryan Smith to accompany his storybook, How Do I Remember All That? Included are games and activities to help students practice and improve working memory.

Five Downloadable Activities Include:

    • Activity 1 - It's a Match - Students will flip cards over and be able to match two exact numbers.
    • Activity 2 - What's Missing? - Students will correctly identify a missing object.
    • Activity 3 - What Does that Spell? - Students will listen to words spelled backwards and correctly identify the word.
    • Activity 4 - Human Calculator - Students will be able to find the sum to a given set up numbers.
    • Activity 5 - What Number Am I Thinking? - Students will figure out any given number 1-100 by asking only 10 yes/no questions.

How Do I Remember All That? is part of the Executive FUNction series and is recommended for these activities.

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