Lou Knows What to Do: Doctor's Office

Kimberly Tice and Venita Litvack
Andre Kerry
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  • Lou Knows What to Do: Doctor's Office


In the this edition of Lou Knows What to Do, Lou once again relies on his special bubble wand to show him what to expect when visiting a doctor or dentist. For example, what is a check-up? What kinds of check-ups might Lou need? Why is a checkup important? Who will Lou see while he’s at the medical or dental office? What tools might the doctor or dentist use?

Each story in the Lou Knows What to Do Series is written to show children how an intriguing character such as Lou can be comfortable and successful in any situation that could be a challenge. These titles are written for students in grades Pre K-5, including those with a variety of developmental levels and learning styles. Lou Knows What to Do is an excellent read for students living with an autism spectrum disorder. 24 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-26-6

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2 Reviews

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    Highly Recommended

    Posted by M.G. Paregian, Reviewer on Nov 2nd 2018

    Here are 23 large-size pages that will help a child learn what is involved in following the rules of good health. "Lou always knows what to do! He has a magic bubble wand that shows him the future." Lou and his magic bubble will visit the doctor's office. That means it's time for Lou to blow a bubble. This boy soon learns that there are many kinds of doctors. Sometimes, it's just a checkup by a doctor. Depending upon the occasion or special need, the doctor may check inside of Lou's ears and listen to his heartbeat. Lou learns that a dentist has many instruments available to check and clean his teeth. Sometimes they use special machines to get closer to any possible problem. The eye doctor will use a special light to see inside the eye. Lou must realize that some of the procedures require cooperation on his part, as some of the examinations may be uncomfortable. This is a recommended book for children, to alert them about what may be happening at any of the doctor's offices.

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    Resourceful Book for Children

    Posted by Brooke, blogger @ Firm Happy Mom on Oct 9th 2018

    Lou is going to the doctor’s office. He wants to know what will happen, so he uses his magic bubble wand to show him the future. The book talks about what generally happens at a family doctor, dentist, and eye doctor. Lou knows that he might feel nervous or scared when he visits the doctor, but that he can tell someone when he feels this way. Knowing what will happen at his doctor visit makes Lou feel confident.

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