Lou Knows What to Do: Special Diet

Join Lou as He Manages His Special Diet When Eating at Home, School, and Restaurants

Author: Kimberly Tice and Venita Litvack
Illustrator: Andre Kerry
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A story about a boy, his bubble wand and being prepared...

Little guy Lou is on a special diet. No peanuts or gluten for him - ever, unless he wants to make himself really sick!

Figuring out what's safe to snack on requires asking questions, reading labels, planning ahead, and being prepared. But that's not always easy, especially for a young kid like Lou. Using his magical bubble wand, Lou sees how he can successfully manage his special diet when he's eating at home, in restaurants or at school. He also learns what to do if he accidently swallows something that doesn't agree with him. 

Special Diet is a simple story about a serious topic and is part of the Lou Knows What to Do book series. Helping children be more confident and comfortable in challenging situations. Excellent for young readers in grades PreK through 5 who have food allergies and those with an autism spectrum disorder.

Tips for teachers and parents are included at the end of the story to help the reader apply Lou's experience to his or her own. 23 pgs.

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-15-0