Lou Knows What to Do: Birthday Party

Join Lou as He Learns What to Expect at a Friend's Birthday Party

Author: Kimberly Tice and Venita Litvack
Illustrator: Andre Kerry
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Birthday parties are fun... when you know what to do! 

In the third installment of the Lou Knows What to Do social story series, Lou's special bubble wand that helps him see the future comes in handy once again! 

This time, Lou is invited to a friend's birthday party and is eager to go! But what will the party be like? And what should Lou do when he's there?

Lou's bubble wand helps him see the things he should plan for, like what to wear, what will happen when he gets there, and how to enjoy things at the party that other kids are enjoying, like games and cake. Lou's bubble wand also helps him with important reminders, like what to do when he first arrives at the party and what to do just before he leaves. 

Lou Know What to Do is an excellent resource for young children in grades PreK through 5, children with varying developmental levels, and those living with an autism spectrum disorder.

Tips for teachers and parents are included at the end of the story to help the reader apply Lou's experience to his or her own. 23 pgs.

The series also includes:

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-16-7