No Room for Bullies: Lesson Plans for Grades 9-12

Kim Yeutter-Brammer, MBA, Susan Lamke, MS, et al.
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  • Book cover of  No Room for Bullies: Lesson Plans for Grade 9 - 13


Classroom teachers, Counselors , coaches, and administrators will find 37 practical, easy-to-use lesson plans to empower teens with the strategies and skills they need to handle bullying situations. The lessons can be blended into existing curricula or taught as stand-alone activities.

As part of a positive behavior support model, Counselors , mentors and others who work with at-risk students can use the lessons to supplement secondary intervention efforts. Topics include how to identify the players (bullies, bystanders, and victims), how to respond to bullying in common areas (hallways and parking lots) and at school events (dances and athletic contests), and how to use social skills to change behaviors and attitudes.

Published By Boys Town Press

Pages: 112 with CD-ROM in plastic sleeve

ISBN: 9781934490426

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