Of Course It's a Big Deal!

Bryan Smith
Lisa M. Griffin
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  • Of Course It's a Big Deal


Braden, from the Executive FUNction series, is back – and he delivers the drama to every minor misunderstanding, grievance and annoyance in his life! What was supposed to be a carefree afternoon of go-cart racing and putt-putt golfing quickly turns sour when Braden shouts and pouts about the rules. (Turns out, he’s too short to drive a go-cart.) Hearing his parents say the rules are the rules only makes him madder. “They haven’t been kids in like 100 years or something!” he fumes. At home, there’s more frustration. One situation involves a baseball game, a blanket and the family TV. There’s even an ice cream sundae scandal at his mom’s birthday dinner!

Will Braden ever learn to keep his cool in the face of disappointment? Will every discouraging moment send him into an emotional meltdown? See what lessons are learned in this fastpaced story about the perils of overreacting and losing self-control. 32 pages

Downloadable activities to accompany the story are available.

Published by Boys Town Press 

ISBN: 978-1-944882-11-2

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2 Reviews

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    Perfect Read for my Kids

    Posted by Maria Gagliano, blogger @ Maria's Space on Jul 11th 2018

    This story will teach children in grades K-5 how to react calmly and appropriately to everyday frustrations. I loved reading this book about a boy who loses his cool whenever things don't go his way. It totally sounds like someone I know. Hmmm...

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    Posted by Unknown on May 31st 2018

    Great book.

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