How Did You Miss That?

A Story to Help Teach Children How to Self-Monitor (Follow Directions, Slow Down, Check Work)

Author: Bryan Smith
Illustrator: Lisa M. Griffin
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Braden's parents must think he can't get enough of cleaning and doing chores! It's always "clean this" Braden or "do that" Braden! How will he ever get to bed if he has to clean the whole bathroom after brushing his teeth?

When Braden rushes home after an exhausting night of baseball, the last thing he wants to hear is Mom and Dad reminding him that he must finish his to-do list. Of course, they wouldn't be on his case if he actually paid a little more attention and did what he needed to do. From chores at home to questions on a quiz, Braden forgets to check his work for mistakes or to see if he missed anything. But when Braden’s faced with real consequences, he quickly realizes that his lack of self-monitoring is really starting to interfere with his life!

Mom recognizes what Braden really needs, and comes up with four steps to self-monitoring! But will Braden be willing to try the steps? Can he become a master of self-monitoring?

Self-monitoring is the ability to observe and evaluate one’s behavior and can be challenging to understand for children. Skills such as completing work accurately and completely, staying on task, following instructions the first time, waiting to be called on, and getting the teacher's attention appropriately can be difficult to master.

Award-winning author, happy father, and popular school counselor Bryan Smith highlights the importance of slowing down, being accurate, and double-checking one's work in the seventh picture book of the Executive FUNction series, written for students in grades K through 5. Tips for parents and educators are included at the end of the story to help children develop their abilities to self-monitor. 31 pgs.

Extend the learning with Five Downloadable Activities! Help reinforce the steps taught from the story with a Poster!

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Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-45-7