Time to Get Started

Bryan Smith
Lisa M. Griffin
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A Story about Learning to Take Initiative

Blake is busy! He’s always moving and always has something going on! So why is it that people keep insisting that he do things he doesn’t want to do? Why does he have to clean his room RIGHT NOW? He’ll get to it EVENTUALLY!

Luckily for Blake, his mom is there to work with him on the important skill of taking initiative. And she should know – she says her dad had to work with her on that same task when she was young!

Blake and Mom explore WHY Blake doesn’t want to get started, and they go through a few simple steps on how to take initiative and get things done. Will Blake be able to use these steps to get started on his work at home and school? Find out in the newest title in the very popular Executive FUNction series. 32 pgs. 

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN 978-1-944882-31-0

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3 Reviews

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    Turning Struggles into Self-Motivation

    Posted by Brooke, blogger @ Firm Happy Mom on Nov 15th 2018

    Blake struggles with getting started on things he needs to do. Sometimes he doesn’t want to do them, and sometimes he isn’t sure how. He learns that taking initiative is easier when he follows the four steps his mom gives him: “1. Focus on what needs to be done. 2. Figure out what’s stopping you. 3. Come up with a plan and get started. 4. Ask for help if nothing else works” Blake uses these steps to clean his room and finish his math during school. He even teaches his brother, Braden, how to take initiative when Braden doesn’t know how to start a school project.

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    Learning to Take Initiative!

    Posted by Bella's Gram Book Reviews on Oct 16th 2018

    Being a Mom of 2 children I really wish this book had been around when my children were younger. Now I am a Grandma I am going to read it and try the tips with my Granddaughter. Sometimes you get so tired of hearing I'll do it later and wind up doing it yourself. This book gives you a 4 point system to get your child to help get projects and chores done. Blake is a young boy who is into video games and does not want to clean his room and Mom comes up with the 4 point plan. Focus, What is stopping you, Plan, and Ask for help if needed. This is then applied in school with learning and story writing. The back of the book also has tips for parents that go further. I really recommend this book for 5+. The illustrations are motivating and fun for all children.

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    Great for Educators and Parents!

    Posted by Deanna Shuler, NetGalley on Sep 27th 2018

    Time to Get Started has good illustrations throughout and wonderful parent tips at the end. I would highly recommend this book to fellow educators and parents. This will be a welcomed addition to my counseling office library.

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