Well, I Can Top That!

Follow Brad (or Brag - his nickname) as he learns the difference between being a "Pull-Upper" and a "One-Upper"

Author: Julia Cook
Illustrator: Anita DuFalla
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Brad has some pretty terrific things going on in his life - or at least that's what he tells all of his classmates! Did someone win a hot dog eating contest? Well, Brad did too. But he ate WAY MORE! Did someone break a leg? Well, Brad did too. But he broke BOTH legs AND arms! Brad (or Brag, as his classmates refer to him) has so many tall tales, no one can compete!

When Brad is assigned to write about a fantastical, can't-possibly-happen situation, he discovers that all his tall tales have hurt his relationships. So he pens a story about having friends. To him, that's unthinkable.

In these pages, award-winning Julia Cook teaches children how to be a good friend by sharing the spotlight and becoming a "pull-upper," not a "one-upper!" This is the first book in Julia's Communicate with Confidence book series, designed to teach kids key skills that will help them be more successful at home, in school, and in life by mastering the art of communicating.

Tips for parents and educators are included to help children learn how to refrain from excessive bragging. 

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