Social Media Driver's License

Posted by Kristen Galloway, PhD, LP, BCBA, Psychologist at Boys Town Behavioral Health Clinic on Jun 9th 2022

Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about parenting social media? Do you know where to start? What sites are more kid-friendly or how do you talk to your kid about the dangers of social media? … read more

Is Your Child Struggling with Anxiety?

Posted by Jennifer Licate, Boys Town Press Author and School Counselor on May 12th 2022

You’ve noticed your child is upset, but you aren’t sure why? Is schoolwork overwhelming them? Is there a conflict with a teacher? Are they having trouble with a buddy or in their friend group? … read more

On Language and Unconditional Positive Regard

Posted by Jeff Tucker, Boys Town Press Author and National Certified School Counselor on Apr 26th 2022

“I’m bad.”We’ve all heard it. A child has been told they’re “bad” to the point that they’ve integrated it into their sense of identity. “Bad” goes from being something a child does to who they think … read more

Instilling Perseverance and Grit In Teens

Posted by Tamara Zentic, Middle School Teacher and Boys Town Press Author on Apr 6th 2022

Along the side of my parents' house in Arizona, oranges and lemons grow on the trees year-round. These trees produce large, juicy, edible fruit but, as good as they are to eat, I have come to belie … read more

Establishing a Love of Reading

Posted by Kat McGrady, ED.D., LCPC, NCC. and Boys Town Press Author on Mar 10th 2022

When it comes to children and their entertainment preferences, books are like cilantro. Some children fully take to reading and embrace every opportunity to sprinkle it into their day. Some childre … read more

Making Friends Is an Art!

Posted by Julia Cook, Boys Town Press Author and Former School Counselor on Feb 24th 2022

Have you ever asked yourself, “How many friends do I have?” Of course, there are many different levels of friendship. You have your “Bestie Super Close” friends that are a part of your soul, … read more