Downloadable Activity: You Get More Bees with Honey Than You Do with Vinegar! (It's My Way or the Highway)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students how to Rephrase Bossy into Assertive

Julia Cook
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In order to be a good leader you must have others who want to follow you. To help reinforce the lesson from It's My Way or the Highway, students will develop a better understanding of how their words might sound to others. Have your students learn to rephrase bossy statements into assertive ones. Included are bossy phrases to ask students. Students then must rephrase the statement into an assertive one! Once the class has gone through the phrases, extend the activity by creating a poster after discussion. 

This exercise is recommended for grades K-3.

Materials needed:

    • Mirror
    • Poster board
    • Phrases (provided as a PDF)
    • Markers or crayons
    • Other phrases (optional)

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Julia Cook
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