Downloadable Activities: Get Off My Lawn!

Introduce Children to the Social Skills of "Asking Permission" and "Making an Apology"

Michael Garland


It's natural for young children to get excited and then behave in ways that might seem rude. Teaching children how to look at situations from the point of view of others, or to have empathy, is one way to help kids better understand how their behaviors can affect those around them. You can help build empathy and perspective-taking in children by using these activities for young children. Through writing prompts, drawing, and discussion questions, children in grades Pre-K through 4 will be introduced the social skills of "Asking Permission" and "Making an Apology."

Five Downloadable Activities include:

    • How It Looks to Ask First
    • How Does It Feel?
    • When Should I Ask?
    • How to Apologize
    • What Am I Feeling?

Get Off My Lawn! is recommended for these activities.

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Produced by Boys Town Press

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Michael Garland
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