It's My Way or the Highway

Julia Cook
Kyle Merriman
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Cora June is B-O-S-S-Y!

She points out her teacher’s boring assignments. She dictates the games people play at recess. She even objects to family dinners. If Cora June doesn’t get her way in the classroom, on the playground, or at home, she can make life miserable for those around her. Will anyone put the brakes on her outlandish demands? And will Cora June ever realize that she can be a leader, but still be flexible? Or that there’s a difference between being assertive and being bossy? See what lessons are learned in this eye-opening tale about the benefits of not always getting your way. It’s My Way or the Highway! is the first title in an exciting new storybook series, The Leader I’ll Be!, by award-winning author Julia Cook. 32 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN 978-1-944882-37-2


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6 Reviews

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    The Importance of Being Flexible

    Posted by Helena Rivera, NetGalley on Apr 8th 2019

    Very good short story about a little girl who is bossy and her parents show her the importance of being flexible. You can't be a leader without any followers. I thought the story gave some decent advice on how to steer your kids into more proactive and inclusive behavior.

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    Loved the Message of the Story!

    Posted by Kahla Leighton, NetGalley on Mar 11th 2019

    Loved the message this story sends. It has beautiful artwork and has wonderful talking points at the end of the book to help parents and educators (or anyone else) discuss this topic with the kids in their life. My only suggestion to improve the story would be to show examples of how to properly lead as well as examples of how to be flexible. Overall, it's a great story with a message that will be helpful for many kids.

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    Great Message!

    Posted by Tonya Cibelli, NetGalley on Feb 28th 2019

    ... This little story carries a great message. Being strong-willed is not about getting your way but more about being able to control and adjust your actions if necessary. The book has lovely colorful illustrations which are certain to appeal to children. I am looking forward to other titles in this series of books designed to help children develop their social skills.

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    Highly Recommended

    Posted by Marilyn Panton, NetGalley on Feb 18th 2019

    The illustrations are extremely well done. They are colorful and full of expression and heart. "It's My Way or the Highway!" is the first title in a new series, "The Leader I'll Be!" by the award winning author. I like the added "tips for parents and educators" that is included at the end. This book would be a perfect addition to a classroom and an elementary school library. I highly recommend it.

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    Engaging and Funny

    Posted by Venessa Ricardez, NetGalley on Feb 8th 2019

    As an elementary school library tech, I am always looking for "lesson" stories to read in-between the silly, funny ones. I'm very pleased with IT'S MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY. It's engaging and funny and with colorful illustrations to keep students interested. As I read it, I could almost hear my students gasping and commenting on what Cora June said or did that wasn't nice. By the end of the story I appreciated that Cora June is aware and working on her behavior instead of suddenly changed.

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    Great Book!

    Posted by Emmie Vills, NetGalley on Feb 6th 2019

    Hi all educators and parents!! Boy, do I have a book for you to read to your little ones. @juliacookonline did a phenomenal job writing Its My Way or the Highway. She goes into great detail on how this little girl wants everything done her way and likes to be the boss. Towards the end of the book it demonstrates how mom sits her down and explains that she has to be a good listener. She goes on to tell her that she can’t be bossing people around. Julia Cook also gives some amazing tips at the end of the book on what to do and/or say to children that are going through this tough stage in their lives. I will definitely be reading this book to my students and my children!! Thank you @juliacookonline #netgalley #Itsmywayorthehighway

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