Downloadable Activity Journal: Joy! You Find What You Look For

This Downloadable Journal can help kids explore their feelings and remember things that bring them joy.

Author: Gina Prosch
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Encourage children to make a habit of looking for joy on a daily basis!

Students in elementary school can create their very own ThisDaysJoy Book by using prompts given on each page to reflect on, and celebrate things that brings them joy. 

This fun, engaging journal for students in grades K-5 includes 16 pages with two word prompts on each page, and 4 coloring pages from the storybook.  

The word prompts ask kids to share things like:

  • What do you think smells really good
  • Share a kind thing you did for someone
  • Share a funny riddle or joke you heard

When a child completes this journal, they will have a full book of things that bring them joy. Then, on days when they are feeling disappointed, bored, sad or simply want to smile, they can read their ThisDaysJoy Book to lighten their mood.

It is recommended that you read the storybook Joy! You Find What You Look For before using this downloadable journal.

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Produced by Boys Town Press