Finding Happiness in Faith, Family & Work

Edited by:
Barbara Lonnborg
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Father Edward J. Flanagan, founder of Boys Town, consultant to presidents and generals, immortalized on the Hollywood screen, was known and revered worldwide. In a voice that carried the cadence of County Roscommon, his Irish birthplace, Father Flanagan spoke passionately on issues of youth and family before countless audiences over 30 years time. This book is a collection of: • Inspirational thoughts on the needs of children; • The importance of faith and family; • The value of hard work and sacrifice; • The components of character; • And the measurement of success. Although his voice has been stilled for over half a century, Father Flanagan’s inspiring words resonate with truth and power for us today. Each page will help you rekindle your passion and zest for life and its many blessings. "We sometimes forget that without happiness there is no such thing as success, and no one can be truly happy unless he or she is of service to others." -Father Flanagan Edited by Barbara A. Lonnborg. 117 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-889322-00-1

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Edited by:
Barbara Lonnborg
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