Downloadable Activities: Finding the Flipside

Six Downloadable Activities to Help Your Student Refocus their Mind to Stay Positive

Author: Jennifer Law
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Help students learn how to change their thoughts from negative to positive with these engaging activities. Learning to stay positive and think about what’s right instead of always thinking about what’s wrong is important for kids to be successful in school and at home. Included are worksheets and discussion questions, 

Six Downloadable Activities include:

  • Activity 1 - Flip the Pancake – Student’s practice turning negative thoughts into positive ones
  • Activity 2 – Positively Pancakes! – Students play a card game to identify positive thoughts
  • Activity 3 – Making Positive Pancakes – Students review problems and add solutions to “flip” negative thoughts to positive ones.
  • Activity 4 – Pancake Match Up! – Students play a matching game
  • Activity 5 – Display the Flipside – Students with Staff will create a positive display
  • Activity 6 – Gratitude Journal – Students look for and identify the good things in life

The storybook Finding the Flipside is recommended for these activities.

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