Joy! You Find What You Look For

Help Children Look On the Bright Side and See the Good in Every Situation

Author: Gina Prosch
Illustrator: Kyle Merriman
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2023 Mom's Choice Award - Gold Medal Winner

Holly is having a miserable, rotten day! 

She forgot her “show” for Show and Tell. She dropped her sandwich on the floor. She had to wait and wait and wait because Mom was the very last car in the pickup line, and she’s soaked to the bone from the rain. Nothing good has happened to her all day!

When Holly climbs into the backseat of the family car, she gives her mom an earful. She doesn’t even bother to acknowledge the cupcake and juice Mom has waiting for her. Holly is completely focused on all the things that are terrible or awful or boring.

Mom really doesn’t want to spend the car ride home listening to a litany of her daughter’s complaints and grievances. To lighten the mood, she convinces Holly to play a game of Count the Red Cars. But when they arrive home, Mom doesn’t ask Holly how many red cars she saw. Instead, she asks Holly how many yellow cars she spotted.

The game was never really about cars and colors. It was actually a lesson about what you choose to see, and now Holly will never look at life the same way again!

Award-winning author Gina Prosch explores how easy it can be for kids to become so fixated on problems and disappointments that they ignore or simply miss all the good, funny, and joyful things that are happening around them. A special page written specifically for parents and educators offers insights and practical tips on helping children find more joy each and every day.

Joy! You Find What You Look For is the first title in the Holly’s Choice book series. Written for young children ages 5 to 11, the series is designed to empower children to live with more joy, hope, and love. Other titles include:

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Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 979-8-88907-001-6
Juvenile Fiction
Full Color Illustrations
31 pages
Softcover, 9"x9"
Grades K-5; Ages 5-11
Lexile Measure: 560L