Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Love You, Now Get Into Bed and Go to Sleep!

How tired parents can solve their children's bedtime problems from infancy through middle school

Author: Patrick C. Friman, PhD
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An infant who wails deep into the night, a toddler who keeps popping out of bed, a young child who procrastinates long past his bedtime - does your child's behavior give you nightmares? Many kids seem programmed from birth with bedtime behavior that frustrates and frazzles parents who have difficulty ignoring a baby's cry or who feel guilty enforcing an early curfew for a child they haven't seen all day. Yet getting sufficient sleep is critical for children's health and happiness. With humor and empathy, child psychologist Dr. Patrick Friman outlines the problems related to bedtime for children from infancy through middle school and gives you advice and tips on how to handle them. In many cases, he provides several options so you can choose the approach you feel most comfortable with. His suggestions can help end those bedtime hassles and get you and your child the good night's sleep you both need! 151 pgs.

REVIEWS: "Enthusiastically recommended for parents or caregivers of young children, and also an excellent baby shower gift." "Written in plain terms, Good Night, Sweet Dreams, I Love You emphasizes the importance of building good sleep habits, and warns parents that children of all ages are always learning - and therefore responding to their excessive crying, defiance, attempts to leave the bedroom, and other activities with an abundance of warmth or gentleness will create positive reinforcement for the negative behavior of resisting bedtime!" -The Midwest Book Review, September 2005

AWARDS: Winner of The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

About the Author
Patrick C. Friman Ph.D., is Director of Clinical Services at Boys Town where he and his staff counsel hundreds of youth and families each year. He is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Nebraska School of Medicine, the author of more than 180 published scientific papers on child behavior, and a popular speaker to both professional and parent audiences. Dr. Friman is also the featured presenter on Raising Children without Losing Your Voice or Your Mind (DVD) and Adolescence and Other Temporary Mental Disorders (DVD).


Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN-13: 978-1-889322-65-0