One Mission, One Hundred Years

​​​​Changing How the World Cares for Children, Families and Communities


​Abandoned by her father and turned over to her mother's drug dealer at the age of five, Terrica's childhood was ripped away before it barely began. Tossed from one bad situation to another, she felt like she had been thrown away and forgotten…and then she came to Boys Town Louisiana. Watch her inspiring story.





As a teen, Nick struggled with severe anxiety, which affected how he interacted with friends and family. He came to Boys Town at 17 and quickly began to heal with the support and love he received during his stay. Nick went on to graduate college and start a career in human services while also volunteering as a high school wrestling coach on the side. His goal is to return to Boys Town to use the tools he learned there to show other troubled youth that there can be better days ahead.




In high school, Laura struggled with severe pill addiction. After being in and out of treatment facilities without success, she came to Boys Town. Her stay in Boys Town's Residential Treatment Center was different. It was the first time she felt that someone truly cared about her. It was exactly what she needed to turn the corner and get healthy. Laura is now a sophomore in college and well on her way to reaching her goal of being a clinical psychologist.




​Entering high school, McKenna felt lost and broken. She intentionally defied her family and continued to make bad decisions. Her issues grew beyond what her family could manage so they reached out to Boys Town for help.  At Boys Town, McKenna learned the tools and the confidence she needed to turn her life around. She graduated from high school and will enter college with a full-ride scholarship. More importantly, her relationship with her family has never
been stronger.



Jonathans Story

Like many families with children that have behavioral issues, Jonathan’s family felt helpless and hopeless as he continuously acted out at home and school. The Boys Town Nevada Behavioral Health Clinic worked closely with Jonathan to help him understand and overcome the issues that fueled his destructive behavior. Today, Jonathan is a different person. He’s closer to his family and enjoys being successful in school. The positive experience at Boys Town has brought back hope to Jonathan and his family.




Liza loved her son Brogan deeply, but from a young age, she saw him struggling with aggressive behavior. After trying years of counseling and a stay at an out-of-home treatment facility, Liza turned to Boys Town to help put Brogan on the right path. There, she has seen him find the loving yet structured environment he needed to thrive. Today, he’s a teenager, still flourishing at Boys Town and considering college. Both Liza and Brogan are looking forward to his bright future.




Unhappy in her tiny hometown, 13-year-old Colbi was skipping school and dating an older guy. She even turned to self-harm to escape her challenges. But at Boys Town, she found the loving guidance and strong support she needed. Now Colbi works for Boys Town as a teacher, connecting with the students who, like she did, need someone to show them the right path. ​




Raised in poverty and abused by her father and brother, Piper went to foster care at age 10. Two years later, she came to Boys Town, scared and quiet, but found her voice and her confidence through the love and support she found here. Today she gives back to kids coming from similar circumstances in the emergency shelter at Boys Town, drawing from her own experience to make a difference in their lives.




Jim St. Germain grew up in Brooklyn and quickly adapted to the street life by stealing and selling drugs. At 15, he was arrested for dealing crack and placed in the Boys Town program. Jim thrived at Boys Town. He earned his GED, graduated from college, and moved back to New York to work with at-risk kids. He was appointed by President Obama to the Coordinating Council on Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. He also found time to author his own personal memoir, A Stone of Hope.

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