The Perfect Book to Help Children Understand Autism

Posted by Maria Gagliano with Introduction from Erin Green on Apr 17th 2018

What would you tell someone who said there was a new picture book available that describes autism perfectly? What if that person said that this book was able to break down some of the more common behaviors of this complex spectrum disorder, and uses kid language to make those unique behaviors more understandable for other children? Well one blogger and mother of two, one of whom has been diagnosed with autism, found the book Uniquely Wired: A story about autism and its gifts could accomplish just that! Read more below.

Excerpts taken from full article, written by Maria Gagliano, originally featured on “Maria's Space - A Little Place to Call My Own”

The 411:

This book describes Autism perfectly for kids.

Zak has autism and sees the world a little different [than] others. For one thing he can get pretty obsessed with certain things and when he is obsessed it is hard for him to talk about or focus on anything else. First it was trains but now it is clocks. He can retain lots of information on the things he is passionate about. Fortunately for Zak his parents are understanding and even get him to understand important things in life by explaining it to him by using the watches.

The book talks about the many things that make up Zak and why these things are gifts to us to. How they makes us better people just by understanding where he is coming from.

I thought the book was perfect for my kids to read and discuss with me separately. My son is 14 and my daughter 12. My 14 year old was diagnosed 4 years ago with Autism. It has been difficult for my daughter to understand why things are [the] way they are when it comes her brother. I have explained it in so many ways. "He is different. Don't compare yourself to him." When she read book and saw that Zak's sisters had a hard time understanding why things are different for Zak it made her realize that I have not been lying to her. She has always felt we [are] easier on my son than we are on her.

When my son read it he told me he wished that he didn't have Autism. When I pressed he said it was OK because others have it and he knows that it is nothing he did but he still wished he didn't have it.

I think this should be mandatory reading for anyone who deals with kids with Autism and families of kids with Autism. Uniquely Wired tries to explain in a very simply way some of autistic children function in the world. My son is very much like Zak and he thinks so too. He is very specific. Likes hugs only from mom and dad. Has learned to protect himself when he feels too much sensory, Is very repetitive and likes to focus on specific things. Like Zak he also has a family who adores him and teachers and mentors who like and respect him. Great resources that teachers should have in their classroom to teach acceptance and differences.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product for my honest opinion. No monetary compensation was offered or received.


With autism diagnoses on the rise in the United States, national award-winning children’s author and parenting expert Julia Cook believes that a little bit of understanding can go a long way towards helping children with autism fit in. Julia has been featured on multiple programs discussing this book. Check some of them out  here.