Downloadable Activity: Catch 'Em Doing Something Right! (The WORST Day of My Life EVER!)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skills of "Listening" and "Following Instructions"

Author: Julia Cook
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When you see your students display effective listening or following instruction skills, find a way to recognize them in front of their peers! The more you give praise and pay attention to positive behaviors in your classroom, the more often you will see them occur. Everyone loves to be told what they are doing right! This lesson, from Julia Cooks’s The WORST Day of My Life EVER! Activity Guide, offers two activities. The first activity puts the emphasis on all students contributing to class recognition for demonstrating the skills. The second activity is focused on individual recognition.

This exercise is recommended for grades K-5.

Materials needed:

    • A large container
    • Art supplies – ex. Construction paper, paint, glue, markers, etc.
    • Praise and reward coupons (provided as a PDF in full color!)

The Boys Town Social Skill poster of “Listening” and “Following Instructions” is also included as a PDF when this activity is purchased.

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