Downloadable Activity: How Would You React? (If Winning Isn't Everything, Why Do I Hate to Lose?)

Classroom Activity for Teaching Students the Social Skill of "Displaying Good Sportsmanship"

Author: Bryan Smith
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Students will learn to show good sportsmanship regardless of whether they win or lose with this interactive activity. Bryan Smith’s picture book, If Winning Isn’t Everything, Why Do I Hate to Lose?, is highly recommended for this classroom activity. After reading the story with the class, discuss how the main character, Kelsey, reacted during the different exercises she took place in. After the discussion have students see how they respond to winning or losing.

This exercise is recommended for grades 2-6. The activity may be altered to allow students in K-1 to enjoy as well!

Materials needed:

    • 1 hard boiled or plastic egg per pair of students
    • 2 batons or cardboard paper towel tubes
    • 3-4 sacks or pillowcases

The Boys Town Social Skill poster of “Displaying Good Sportsmanship” is also included as a PDF when this activity is purchased.

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