Friend Me! 10 Awesome Steps to Fun and Friendship

This pocket guide for children ages 10 to 14 helps them build positive relationships and empowers kids to make healthy choices

Authors: Laura Buddenberg, MS and Alesia Montgomery, MS
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Follow the steps and use the super social skills in this pocket guide to develop true and lasting friendships. Consider these questions: Do you want a best friend? Do you wish you had more friends? Do you have friendships that just aren't any fun? Through stories, self-reflecting quizzes, quotes, facts and thought-provoking questions discover what you want in a friendship, how to choose friends, and how to be a friend yourself.

Teachers, Counselors, or other adults can use this book with pre-teens to help kids develop confidence and seek out new relationships. Step by step instructions and examples are provided to practice social emotional skills such as expressing empathy, disagreeing appropriately or laughing at oneself. Help build positive relationships and empower kids to make healthy choices for life! 130 pgs. 

Inside readers will find:

    • 10 easy-to-follow rules for making and keeping friends
    • 10 friendship skills for getting along with anyone
    • Tips on being friendly (and kind) when using social media, including texting
    • Lots of silly and serious questions and quizzes to help kids figure out what type of friends they want - and what type of friend they want to be

Follow up with Dating! written by the same authors for teens on dating relationships.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1934490-38-9