Know and Follow Rules

This story gives children four simple reasons to have rules - to stay safe, to learn, to be fair, and to get along.

Author: Cheri J. Meiners, M.Ed.
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A child who can’t follow rules is a child who’s always in trouble. This book starts with simple reasons why we have rules: to help us stay safe, learn, be fair, and get along. Then it presents just four basic rules: “Listen,” “Best Work,” “Hands and Body to Myself,” and “Please and Thank You.” The focus throughout is on the positive sense of pride that comes from learning to follow rules, not the negative consequences of breaking them. This book also includes a special section for adults, with discussion questions to share, problem-solving games to play, sample scenarios, and activities that reinforce these important social skills. 40 pages

The complete "Learning to Get Along" series includes:

    • Be Polite and Kind
    • Join In and Play
    • Respect and Take Care of Things
    • Try and Stick With It
    • When I Feel Afraid
    • Understand and Care
    • Listen and Learn
    • Share and Take Turns
    • Know and Follow Rules
    • Talk and Work It Out
    • Accept and Value Each Person
    • Reach Out and Give
    • Be Careful and Stay Safe
    • Be Honest and Tell the Truth
    • Cool Down and Work Through Anger

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