My Schoolwork Is a Mess!

This chapter book gives concrete strategies and reassuring messages to students struggling with homework stress

Author: Jennifer Licate
Illustrator: Suzanne Beaky
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Missing assignments. Half-done homework. Sloppy notes. A backpack jammed full of non-essential stuff: Crusty candy wrappers! A stinky sock! Broken pencils! A crumpled comic book!

When it comes to his schoolwork, Dakota is often inattentive and usually unorganized. His lack of focus leads to disappointments, and his teachers and his mom are increasingly concerned. His grades, which were never exactly stellar, are slipping, and Dakota is making excuses. Excuses like: All the teachers have it out for me, there’s way too much homework anyway, and none of this is my fault!

So what is going on? Does Dakota get more homework than everyone else? Are teachers giving him confusing instructions and unrealistic deadlines? Or does Dakota simply need some strategies and support so he doesn’t rely solely on his memory to recall every assignment, can maintain focus and avoid distractions, and perhaps even reduce his mountain of missed work?   

With encouragement, guidance, and concrete strategies from his mom and the school counselor, Dakota discovers he’s not a victim, his situation is not hopeless, he can impress his teachers, and he can improve his grades. But he has to adopt better homework habits, including having a designated homework spot, using color-coded binders, and creating a time-management chart.   

My Schoolwork Is a Mess! is a relatable, reassuring chapter book that reminds young readers, especially those who struggle to keep track of assignments and finish projects, that they can climb out of their homework hole, reset their attitude, and keep up.          

Educators and group leaders can supplement the story with a downloadable Teacher and Counselor Activity Guide. The guide provides self-reflection questions and group activities to thoughtfully engage readers with the content and motivate them to embrace effective homework routines.   

This is the first title in the Nurturing Independence series from award-winning author and school counselor Jennifer Licate. She is the author of the much-celebrated Navigating Friendships series that includes these popular titles: Faking Happiness, Feeling Sadness; Why Is Drama Always Following Me?; My Anxiety Is Messing Things Up; He’s Not Just Teasing!; I Lost My BFF; and Am I Weird?

Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 979-8-88907-020-7
Juvenile Fiction
Full Color Illustrations
44 pages
Softcover, 6"x9"
Grades 4-8; Ages 10-14