My Anxiety Is Messing Things Up Counselor Set

Teachers and Counselors Can Help Kids Work Out Issues of Worry and Anxiety with this Chapter Book and Activity Guide Bundle

Author: Jennifer Licate
Illustrator: Suzanne Beaky
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Winner of the Counselor's Choice Award!

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My Anxiety is Messing Things Up is the fourth title in Jennifer Licate's Navigating Friendships book series.  This bundle includes:

  • The quick-read chapter book written for students in grades 4 through 7, which gives readers a deeper understanding of how they can manage their anxiety. In the story, Oscar wants to excel at everything he does, from academics to music. But the pressure to be perfect comes at a price. Oscar is wracked with anxiety. He’s so afraid of falling short of expectations and disappointing everyone, he can’t sleep. After speaking with his school counselor, he joins a group at school where he is given tools to help him with his worries.
  • The Teacher and Counselor activity guide which includes the text from the story along with activities and discussion questions to engage students.


Published by Boys Town Press