Why Is Drama Always Following Me?

A Chapter Book about How to Work Out Disagreements with Peers

Author: Jennifer Licate
Illustrator: Suzanne Beaky
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Izzy is a confused wreck. Every friendship she has swirls with drama, leaving her emotionally and physically exhausted. 

But why all the drama? Is it because Izzy is too judgy? Too sassy? Too cocky for her own good? Or is she simply misunderstood, a blameless victim whose friends are really at fault? This is the puzzle Izzy has to solve if she ever hopes to save her relationships and her sanity. 

As the bonds in her friendships continue to fray, Izzy seeks support and guidance from her loyal sister, Maya. With empathy and understanding, Maya offers encouragement as she helps her sister confront some hard truths: Izzy is an interrupter, a one-upper, and a bragger. 

Caught unaware of how she speaks toward her friends, Izzy is determined to make amends and do better. Now, she just needs to figure out how. 

Why Is Drama Always Following Me? is a fast-paced chapter book that examines the social minefield of middle school friendships, particularly among girls. As Izzy works to repair her relationships, young readers will be inspired to think about and improve how they speak to and communicate with their friends and family.

The story can be supplemented with a Teacher and Counselor Activity Guide that includes discussion questions and activities to engage readers in meaningful discussions about the importance of communicating respectfully and responsibly. 

Award-winning author and school counselor Jennifer Licate adds another powerful story to her popular Navigating Friendships series of chapter books. 47 pgs.

The series also includes:

Published by Boys Town Press


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About the Author

JENNIFER LICATE is an award-winning children’s book author who has worked as a school counselor for over a decade. She currently splits her time between two schools and enjoys the dynamic of working with children from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Counseling children of all ages (as well as raising two kids of her own) has taught Jennifer a universal truth: all children want to be loved, valued and respected for the unique individuals they are. She channels this truth and her love of counseling and creativity to craft children's books whose aim is to help children of all ages navigate the challenges of growing up with stories that speak directly to them.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-94-5

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