My Anxiety is Messing Things Up

May 2022



Oscar is a perfectionist with an anxiety problem. 

He puts pressure on himself to excel in everything he does. That’s why he earns good grades, wins awards, plays sports, performs in the band and makes friends easily. But all his accomplishments come at a price. 

Oscar is wracked with anxiety. 

He’s so afraid of falling short of expectations or disappointing his parents, his teachers and his pals, he can’t sleep. He tosses and turns every night. The more sleep he loses, the moodier and more irritable he becomes. Exhausted and stressed, Oscar lashes out at his best buddies. Now his anxiety is topped with feelings of guilt and shame. 

When a caring teacher notices Oscar’s distress, she invites him to join a secretive school group for students who struggle with anxiety. What will he do? Is Oscar too embarrassed to seek help, or is he so tired of being tired, he’ll try anything for some sleep and relief? 

My Anxiety is Messing Things Up is a fast-paced chapter book that examines the emotional and physical toll anxiety has on kids, as well as the empowering strategies they can use to calm their worries. Engaging discussion questions and creative activities at the end of each chapter help readers understand the content more deeply and can guide classroom conversations about anxiety, stress and trying your best. 63 pgs.

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-944882-89-1

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