My Anxiety is Messing Things Up Teacher and Counselor Activity Guide

Activities to normalize and help middle school students tame their anxiety

Author: Jennifer Licate
Illustrator: Suzanne Beaky
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This teacher and counselor activity guide is designed to accompany the My Anxiety is Messing Things Up chapter book, an empowering story about managing and overcoming stress and worry. 

The guide includes text from the story, along with clarifying and probing questions and suggested activities. The questions and activities allow you to support readers as they identify their own anxieties and learn healthy coping strategies. 

The story centers around Oscar, a young boy wracked with worry. 

He’s so afraid of falling short of expectations or disappointing his parents, his teachers and his pals, he can’t sleep. He tosses and turns every night. The more sleep he loses, the moodier and more irritable he becomes. Exhausted and stressed, Oscar lashes out at his best buddies. Now his anxiety is topped with feelings of guilt and shame. 

When a caring teacher notices Oscar’s distress, she invites him to join a special, discreet group for students who struggle with anxiety. What will he do? Is Oscar too embarrassed to seek help, or is he so tired of being tired, he’ll try anything for some sleep and relief? 

My Anxiety is Messing Things Up chapter book and counselors guide are from author and school counselor Jennifer Licate, whose popular Navigating Friendships series also includes I Lost My BFF, He’s Not Just Teasing!, Why is Drama Always Following Me?, Why is He Spreading Rumors About Me?, and Am I Weird?

Published by Boys Town Press
ISBN: 978-1-944882-90-7
71 pages
Softcover, 8.5"x11"