Practical Tools for Foster Parents

Great Ideas and Strategies for Helping Foster Parents Manage Behavior

Author: Lana Temple-Plotz, MS, et al.
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Based on Boys Town's® Common Sense Parenting®. New or experienced foster parents as well as grandparents and other relatives caring for a child forced from home by a crisis will find help and hope in Practical Tools for Foster Parents. More than half a million children today live in out-of-home care, and many have special problems. The need for well-trained, loving foster parents has never been greater. In this book, Boys Town® offers these committed foster parents the professional tools they need, not only to care for foster children but to actually help them get better. Our approach to foster care focuses on building relationships with children, teaching them skills, and empowering them by teaching self-discipline and self-control. Inside, foster parents will find effective, research-based solutions for these common concerns:

  • Building a warm, trusting relationship with a foster child who still may have a strong attachment to his or her original family.
  • Working with the foster child's parents, who may be uncooperative or even hostile.
  • Creating a safe environment for your foster child, you, and your family.
  • Respecting your foster child's ethnic and cultural background, while teaching the child skills to help him or her succeed in the larger world.
  • Learning how to handle "blow ups" and prevent and correct misbehavior while you stay calm.
  • Teaching your foster child how to stay under control, solve problems, and make good decisions, even when he or she is angry or frustrated.
  • Handling transitions when a foster child moves to another placement or returns home. 309 pages

Published by Boys Town Press

ISBN: 978-1-889322-49-0